Distinguished Citizen Award Honorees

The Distinguished Citizen Award recognizes extraordinary leadership in the Worcester county area of central Massachusetts. Honoring distinguished citizenship delivers a message to our youth that character counts. Highlighting the example of noteworthy citizens helps to inspire our youth to lead, to accept responsibility, and to care about principles and causes beyond self-interest.

Past honorees from Heart of New England Council and our legacy councils include:

1971      Marion R. Stoddart

1976      William E. Aubuchon Jr.

1977      Ronald M. Ansin

1978      P. Warren Keating

1979      Albert E. Anderson

1979      John Grado

1986      John A. Adams

1987      Jeanne L. Crocker

1988      Vincent J. Mara

1989      Albert Stone

1990      Thomas F. Bagley Jr.

1991      Norman Boudreau

1992      J. Parker Rice

1993      M. Marcus Moran Jr.

1994      Ann M. Racine

1995      John Clementi

1996      John Howard

1997      Charles A. Gelinas Sr.

1998      Kenneth S. Ansin

1999      Paul E. Cochrane, M.D.

2000      Thomas F. Bagley III

2001      Peter E. Bovenzi

2002      Richard W. Nobile

2003      Nedinia Latimer

2004      Frederick D. Healey

2005      Robert  V. Antonucci

2006      Daniel M. Asquino

2007      Sheila Donnelly, M.D.

2007      Timothy Richards

2008      Calvin Moore

2009      Kimberly Ansin

2010      David Celuzza

2011      Gregg Lisciotti

2012      Joseph Cadette

2013      James Adams

2014      Edward F. Manzi, Jr.

2015      Suzanne Farias

2016      Martin Connors

2017      Doug Petersen

2018      Winfield Brown

2019      Deborah Weymouth  

2022      John Zarrella 

2023      Dr. Richard Lapidus & Barbara Mahoney