Council Monthly Roundtable

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Each month, there will be updates on District and Council programs and activities, training opportunities, discussions with other unit leaders, and much more. We encourage each unit to have a representative attend these meetings, and we look forward to an exciting and energized schedule of meetings.

Dates for upcoming Roundtables:

Council-wide Roundtable Monday April 8th 7:00-8:30PM @ St. Joseph Parish Center (68 Central St. Auburn, MA 01501)

Quinapoxet DistrictMonday February 12th 7:00-8:30PM @ MOC Youth Innovation Center (18 Fairmount St, Fitchburg MA)

Soaring Eagle DistrictMonday February 26th 7:00-8:30PM @ St. Joseph Parish Center (68 Central St. Auburn, MA 01501) 

**Please refer to the HNE council calendar for future monthly Roundtable meeting details. 


February — Updates to Adult Registration procedures (effective March 4th) and updated BSA Fee structure (effective April 1st).
March — TBD
April — TBD


District Commissioners
• Quinapoxet – Jason Langlais
• Soaring Eagle – Ken Simpson

Council Commissioner

Roundtable FAQ

Q:  Will there be a virtual option for Roundtable meetings?

A:  We hope to allow a virtual option to allow more people to participate.  Our first meetings may not include a virtual option, and our focus is on building the in-person attendance.  Please refer to each monthly Roundtable event on the council calendar for details regarding in-person and/or virtual attendance options.

Q:  My Unit meets on Monday’s, so I cannot attend. What should I do?

A:  Roundtable is not just for unit leaders.  Encourage a Committee Chair or member, active parent or Den Leader to attend.  Have them take a few notes and share what they learned at the next leaders or committee meeting.

Q:  What can I expect at a Roundtable?

A:  Learning, motivation, fellowship and some hearty laughter.  Roundtable is one of the aspects of the Commissioners’ Unit Service designed to help make better leaders.  You can learn about opportunities for your Pack, Troop, or Crew.  Hear how others approach and solve problems that you may have also encountered and make more than a few good friends along the way.

Q:  Will you record and make Roundtable available for those who cannot attend?

A:  This is something being explored at the District and Council level.  Our challenge previously has been with people joining from their homes, we wanted to respect their privacy and the privacy of their families who may ‘join’ the meeting as they pass through the camera’s view.  As we move to an in-person format this is something that we will discuss again to determine if it is feasible for us to accomplish.  If you are an individual with video shooting, editing and production experience let us know, we would appreciate your input on this topic.

Q:  The current Roundtable location seems too far to travel on a weeknight.  Will the meetings occur at a more convenient location?

A:  We completely understand that travel for another meeting can be a challenge for many of us who volunteer for Scouting.  We have been searching for in-person locations that can accommodate our meeting needs. There will never be an ideal solution for all our Scouting units, but we are continuously striving to identify more convenient meeting space. If you are located closer to the center of your District and know of a facility that would be open to hosting our group, please email your District or Council Commissioner.