Promoting Summer Camp in Your Pack!

What does camp provide Scouts?

  • FUN!
  • Opportunity to meet other Scouts and make new friends.
  • Chance to learn new skills and try new things.
  • Advancement (one of the few opportunities to work on the archery and BB belt loops.)

What does camp provide packs?

  • Scouts who attend camp are more likely to stay in Scouting.
  • Opportunity to earn the Summertime Pack Award.

What does camp provide families?

  • Opportunities for parents and Scouts to share in the fun.
  • A safe and supervised environment for Scouts to learn and grow.
  • An excellent value as compared to other day-care options.

How can you help get more of your Scouts to camp?

  • Designate a camp coordinator within your pack.
  • Remind parents about camp during den and pack meetings.
  • Invite a camp representative to visit a pack meeting and talk with Scouts and parents (See below for more information)
  • Arrange for your den or pack to attend camp at the same time so scouts will be with their friends.
  • Encourage parents to serve as camp den leaders.

Suggested camp promotion timeline

  • January: Recruit pack promotion coordinator. Figure out when your den/pack will attend.
  • February: Camp brochures mailed to families.
  • March: Invite camp representatives to a pack meeting or Blue & Gold and request Camp theme placemats to use at your Blue and Gold. 
  • April – June: Pack coordinators encourage and track registration.
  • July: Go to camp. Have FUN!

Pack Camp Coordinator Job Description

  • Work with the camping committee to keep parents informed of camping opportunities.
  • Promote Cub Scout day camp at pack meetings and events.
  • Remind parents of application deadlines, and assist with understanding applications and medical forms.
  • Help recruit leadership and parents to volunteer at day camp.
  • Attend the camp orientation meeting.

How to request a camp promo visit and order placemats?

2024 Blue and Gold Placemats

To place an order for Blue and Gold Placemats, please email Kayla Maine at the address above.