Webelos Woods

Save the date of September 23-24th for Webelos Woods 2023

What is Webelos Woods?

Webelos Woods is an overnight experience for Webelos Scouts and a parent or guardian.  The Webelos Scout will have the opportunity to experience a ‘Day in the Life’ of Scout BSA Summer Camp.  This is an opportunity to camp out with your Scout and enjoy the beauty of Camp Wanocksett on the banks of the Mighty Thorndike Pond and under the shadow of Mount Monadnock.

Your Scout will have the opportunity to earn an activity badge, experience the multitude of activities that would be available to them at Summer Camp, enjoy an Awesome Campfire (did I say AWESOME?), enjoy a movie in the boat house, cook their own dinner and breakfast outside, and see the youth staff in action bringing the program to them.

A “Day in the Life” 

Webelos and their families arrive between 8:30am and 9:30am on the morning of Saturday September 23rd. As they arrive, there will be demonstrations of Scouting activities going on with Scouts BSA who will be glad to answer any questions the Scouts or parents have. During this time families set up at their assigned campsites.

During the day Saturday, Scouts participate in adventure classes and camp programs. Parents are welcome to quietly sit in on classes. Saturday lunch will be a bag lunch in your campsite.

The day will finish off with an entertaining campfire program and other evening activities before sending you to bed.

Registration and Check-In

Registration opens July 1, 2023. Your $25 registration fee covers one Scout and a parent. Additional siblings may attend for an additional fee. Check-in is Saturday September 23rd.

  • Check-In opens at 8:30 AM
  • Opening ceremony begins at 9:45 AM
  • Program begins at 10:00 AM

We ask each Pack to designate ONE Adult to be the go-to person for the event.  That adult should arrive at administration building with all the Medical Forms (adults and extra siblings included), and a roster. They will receive a printout of what classes the Scouts are taking and whether it is a morning or afternoon class.  They will also receive a packet with further information as well as a schedule of events to be shared with their unit.

Food Planning

Because cooking outdoors is such a big part of camping, families will be cooking Saturday supper and Sunday breakfast outside. Packs will provide their own food and cooking equipment. If you do not have cooking gear, check with your local Scout Troop. Your campsite guide will be available to assist you. There is water available in each campsite.

NOTE unlike past years, due to COVID-19 considerations and the limited space in the dining hall we will NOT be serving breakfast on Sunday morning.

Medical Forms

All participants (youth and adult) must complete the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record for this event. You can bring a copy of your 2023 summer camp medical form. If you need a new form, you can download it below. Medical forms will be collected at check-in and returned at the end of the event. Parents are responsible for any medications.

Packing List

Use this list as a guide when preparing for your weekend. Campsites are not accessible to vehicles. You will need to carry your gear a short distance to your site. Please pack with this in mind.

IMPORTANT: In accordance with New Hampshire state regulations, and Heart of New England Council policy, out-of-state firewood is prohibited at Camp Wanocksett. Please help us prevent the spread of invasive species. Leave your firewood at home.

Personal Gear Checklist
  • Your medical forms (if not already collected by your pack leader)
  • Tent – can be borrowed from your local Scout Troop if you do not have one
  • A plastic sheet or ground cloth to put under the tent to keep you dry
  • Sleeping bag (good to at least 40o or lower)
  • Air mattress, sleeping pad, or plenty of blankets to sleep on (to keep out the cold from the ground below)
  • Pillow
  • Optional extra blanket
  • Flashlight and/or camping lantern
  • Extra batteries
  • A good supply of dry clothes (especially socks)
  • An extra pair of shoes and socks for sleeping
  • Rain gear
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Plate, cup, eating utensils
  • Insect repellent (non-aerosol)
  • Sunscreen
  • Personal toiletries
  • Soap
  • Towel and/or washcloth
  • Toilet paper
  • Any medications you may require
  • Watch
  • Camping chair
  • Camera

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Will Webelos Woods be cancelled because of rain?
A:    We do not cancel because of rain.  Expect the event to be held in any case.  You should be ready to camp (with your equipment) regardless of weather reports.  But the weather may be real nice.

Q:    Do I need to bring my own tent?
A:    Yes, the tents used by the Scouts at summer camp will be taken down and all camp equipment stored.  There will be some platforms available that your tent may be placed on, but there are not enough for everybody. Some tents will have to go on the ground.  Troops are a good source for tents if you need one to use for this weekend.

Q:    Did I say I had a BIG tent?
A:    We recommended tents for four or fewer people.  Large tents fill up a campsite very quickly and all sites do become full.

Q:    Can we stay at ___________ site?
A:    Campsites are assigned based on pack size, more than one pack will be in the same site. We will endeavor to keep packs that are geographically linked together. Requests (except for medical reasons) cannot be taken for a particular site. Additionally, site selections are not done until the week before the event after all Scouts have registered.

Q:    What about wood for a campfire?
A:    Mother Nature has created a whole lot of new dead wood, so do not worry.  Please note that the ban on out-of-state firewood at Camp Wanocksett is still active so do not bring any wood from home.

Q:    Will you confirm which class my Scout gets?
A:    We cannot, because we’re not able to do this accurately and for everybody.  Because we are gathering teachers throughout the year, we’re sometimes not sure how many youth we can put into a particular class up until the event.  We make every effort to make sure each youth gets his/ her first choice.  Although most youth are placed in their first choice and are firmly set there, we are working up until that morning to place youth.

Q:    Do I get the pin at the event?
A:    No, when patches are given out at the end of the event Sunday, the designated leader for the event will get a printout of which class your Scout has taken.

Q:    What else can I, as a parent, do during this event?
A:    You’re welcome to quietly view any of the classes (but be aware that instructors are empowered to draft your help at any time).  There will be an afternoon open house, with snacks, presenting an opportunity to discover what your Scout can be doing in Boy Scouting and beyond as well as talking with the people who work with these activities.  

Q:    Do I need to bring food?
A:    You will need a bag lunch for Saturday and food and cooking equipment for dinner and breakfast.

Q:  Do I need to be invited by a Troop?
A:  No, this is a weekend experience for Webelos.  I am sure that the Scouts BSA Troops will make plans to camp with your Webelos Scout at another time.

Q: Can a Troop send a Den Chief to work with the Webelos?
A:  Absolutely!! In fact, we ENCOURAGE it!  One Den Chief per unit please.   No cost for the Den Chief, but they do need to email me and tell me who they are working with. All Den Chiefs need to bring their medical form. I do need a complete list of volunteers a week prior to the event. kathytroop7@gmail.com 

Q:  Can a Scouts BSA Troop attend?
A:  There is limited camping space available due to the size of the event.  That being said, if a troop wants to volunteer, they have to talk to the event coordinator first. kathytroop7@gmail.com   You cannot just ‘show up’ as we may not have room for you.

Q:  We noticed that the price includes 1 Scout and 1 Adult, what if we have multiple Scouts or adults?
A:  Webelos Woods is a family camp.  If your Family has more than one Scout or wishes to bring a Sibling or an additional adult, please add them to your registration ($10 extra per additional person) to cover the costs of programming.

Q:  Will T-shirts be available for sale the day of the event?
A:  No, T-shirts are pre-order only.

Q:  How many classes can my Scout take?
A:  Each Scout is encouraged to take one class.  The classes run between 2 and 2 and half hours.  When your Scout is not in a class, the camp is open for them to experience BB Guns, Archery, Tomahawks, Climbing Wall as well as a few other activities.  The idea is to have your Scout experience a Scout BSA Summer Camp in 24 hours.