Annual Popcorn Sale

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Why Do We Sell Popcorn…

  • Popcorn funds ALL levels of local Scouting
  • Popcorn supports youth development by teaching important life skills like goal setting, communication, financial management, and builds confidence.
  • Popcorn provides a path to advancement. At least 35 Cub Scout and Scouts, BSA  achievements, and merit badge requirements can be completed through participation in the popcorn sale. 
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Operation Popcorn Campaign Key Dates

June / JulyRegister your unit with Trails End (link)
July / AugustHNE Training Sessions (July 22 @ 6:30pm, July 28 @ 7:30pm and August 3rd @ 7:00pm)
August Register and attend a Trail’s End Webinar  
August 10
August 28Initial order distribution (Perkins Farm Marketplace OR WaterTower Plaza)
September 13

 (w/ chocolate available)

September 17-19“Operation Popcorn” weekend #1
October 22nd order distribution (Perkins Farm Marketplace OR WaterTower Plaza)
October 8-11“Operation Popcorn” weekend #2
October 22

DEADLINE for POPCORN RETURNS (full cases, 5% of initial order $ value). Send email with return details by 10:00am Friday Oct 22nd. 

November 2
November 20Final order distribution (Perkins Farm Marketplace OR WaterTower Plaza)
November 20All unit payments due to council
November – DecemberOnline direct sales continue
Do You Have Questions About Your Sale or the Trail’s End App?
Contact Trail’s End Support for questions related to the app or your sale (  

For council-related questions, email or call 508-752-3769 ext. 203


Scout Order Form  (printable)

Door Hanger (customizable) 

Door Hanger – Vistaprint Instructions 

How to Sell $1,000 in 8 Hours   

Trails End App Quick Start Guide  

Trails End Rewards flyer   

Unit Kernel Guide  (key info for unit kernels)  

Council Kickoff Slide Deck  (presentation from the popcorn kickoff events)

Unit to Unit Product Transfer  (how to transfer product between units)

Unit Kickoff Presentation template  (use for your unit kickoff)   

Scout Popcorn Business Cards  

Show & Sell Order examples  (Suggested quantities only; units should determine their order based on all selling factors.) 

Council Map of Popcorn Units   (locate all HNE units registered to sell popcorn)  

Our legal name is: Heart of New England Council, BSA
Our Tax ID is: 042-349-692.