Annual Popcorn Sale

Unit Commission = 55% 

Message from Mark Barbernitz:

Units will earn 55% on all sales (in person and online). This has changed from what was incorrectly communicated previously. Several years ago the Executive Board of the Heart of New England Council voted to increase the unit commission to help units offset the council fee that was implemented. Previously I communicated in error that units would receive 40% commission. In fact units will receive 55% commission. This represents 90% of available profit on the popcorn products, after Trails End product costs are accounted for. Heart of New England Council will receive a small profit (less than 10%) which will cover a $0.50 per container BSA National licensing fee along with council administrative costs including shipping fees, warehouse costs, printing, and top seller prizes. Hopefully this increase will support amazing unit programs this coming year. 

Why Do We Sell Popcorn…

  • 55% unit commission!!   
  • Popcorn funds ALL levels of local Scouting
  • Popcorn supports youth development by teaching important life skills like goal setting, communication, financial management, and builds confidence.
  • Popcorn provides a path to advancement. At least 35 Cub Scout and Scouts, BSA achievements, and merit badge requirements can be completed through participation in the popcorn sale. 

Learn more about being a Popcorn Kernel – Trails End webinars every Wednesday. And check out new YouTube videos  
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Popcorn Campaign Key Dates

JulyRegister your unit with Trails End (link)
July 26

HNE Virtual Training Session @ 7:00PM
. Zoom link

August 8HNE Virtual Training Session @ 7:00PM. Zoom link 
August 15

(Show & Sell)
Saturday August 27Initial order distribution at Moore warehouse (0 Sculley Road, Ayer MA 01432)
September 19


(w/ chocolate available)

Saturday October 12nd Order Distribution (0 Sculley Rd, Ayer MA 01432
October 22

(full cases, 20% of initial order value).
November 2
Saturday November 19Final order distribution and payment due to Council
November – DecemberOnline direct sales continue
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For council-related questions, email  or call 508-752-3769 

Our legal name is: Heart of New England Council, BSA
Our Tax ID is: 042-349-692.