Ideas for Virtual Cub Scouting

Continue Your Weekly Meetings – There are “virtually” dozens of ways Den Leaders can have their weekly Den Meetings. Consider using an app on your phone like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or other virtual programs that allow you to meet. Ask parents to download the app or connect with you and allow the Scouts the chance to be part of the Den Meeting. Remember Two Deep Leadership!

Do A Virtual Pack Meeting – Cubmasters can still award Adventures and other awards and offer a program as well. Record a video of yourself virtually awarding the Scouts their hard earned Adventures, Ranks and other awards. Mention each Scout by name and tell everyone what they earned. Maybe throw in a song or skit and then post it on your Pack’s website, social media outlets or email it to your families! Make it extra special and “snail mail” the awards to the Scouts!

Home Adventures – Maybe you are not comfortable in a virtual meeting setting, contact your parents with a list of suggested Adventures the Scouts can do at home with their parents. Besides, what Scout doesn’t want to earn a Super Achiever? Some examples are:

  • Lions – Build It Up, Knock It Down; I’ll Do It Myself; Protect Yourself Rules; Ready, Set, Grow
  • Tigers – Tiger Circles: Duty to God; Tiger Bites; Family Stories; Protect Yourself Rules; Tiger Tales
  • Wolves – Duty to God Footsteps; Adventures in Coins; Collections and Hobbies; Germs Alive; Protect Yourself Rules
  • Bears – Fellowship and Duty to God; Bear Picnic Basket; Critter Care; Protect Yourself Rules; Marble Madness
  • Webelos and Arrow of Light – Duty to God and You; Fix It; Project Family; Moviemaking; Game Design
  • Scouts can do Cyber Chip and Recharges at all Den levels

Take a Virtual Tour of a Museum – There are museums that are offering virtual tours of their facilities. This would be great for any Scout who needs to “visit” an art gallery or museum. See if you can set it up so that your whole Den “visits” at the same time.

Start a Ripple Effect – Stay connected with friends, families, and neighbors. Scouts with a parent/guardian can reach out via voice or text; Or put on your uniform and Facetime your contacts or upload a video of your Scout to the local Facebook group. Remember that social distancing is for the health and safety of everyone. Minimize your direct contact while still getting the word out that you’re available to help. Offer to get groceries, deliver a meal, or walk their dog. Remember to be smart and safe; if you or anyone feels ill, do not visit!

Get Outdoors – Suggest that Scouts get outside with their family to play a game, hike a familiar trail or learn something new like Geocaching. The outside is the best place to practice social distancing, and put the OUTING back in SCOUTING.


Scouting is a great program to do things even if your daily life has changed for a few weeks. Don’t let things stand in the way of your Scouting Adventure, but make sure you stay safe as well! If anyone in your household feels ill, STAY HOME! Wash your hands properly (saying the Scout Oath and Law together at a normal pace is 20-30 seconds). Avoid hand contact, instead of the Cub Scout handshake, do the Cub Scout salute. Always drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy and get a good night’s sleep.

Share your Ideas for Virtual Cub Scouting, we will post them on social media where other Units can benefit from great ideas! Email them to